The Advantage

The Experience

Sleek design. Comfortable seats and shade. Premium sound system, and LED party lights that change with the music. A highly mobile electric drive system that goes from A to B.

You need a party bike that is a mind-blowing experience for your customers. They are looking for the time of their lives, and with the Pedal Crawler, they will be the center of attention wherever they decide to take their party.

Why is this important?

  • Your customers want the ultimate party experience. The Pedal Crawler delivers.
  • The lights, sound, and good times by your customers will attract new business.
  • The electric motor drive lets your customers pedal with ease in tough areas.

Design & Safety

Using sound engineering, computer-aided design, and relentless testing, the Pedal Crawler not only looks amazing and performs well, but is the safest party bike on the market. We even used high-quality, commercially available bike parts to ensure that your Pedal Crawler is easy to maintain.

The Pedal Crawler is also the only party bike that increases safety by conforming to all safety standards that normally apply to motor vehicles!

Why is this important?

  • We focused countless hours on three aspects: aesthetics, function, and safety.
  • The Pedal Crawler is the only party bike that meets federal safety regulations.
  • High-quality, readily available parts make your Pedal Crawler easy to maintain.


Storage Compartments

Deluxe Powdercoating

Adjustable Seats

Advertising Space

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