How to start a party bike business

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First appearing in Europe in the late 1990s, the party bike industry is now expanding rapidly across America. Entrepreneurs and large entertainment & tourism companies alike are discovering the opportunities of owning a party bike. Besides the financial independence that comes with being your own boss, party bike businesses enjoy the trifecta that every business owner tries to achieve: low start-up cost, low operating costs, and very high revenue.

Most party bike businesses are run like a limo or party bus service: groups of people rent them out and split the cost. Like such services, party bikes reap an average of $160 – $180 an hour in revenue. However, unlike a limo or party bus, there is no cost of gasoline and maintaining the vehicle is much cheaper. This means that your hourly cost of operating is as low at $10 – $20 per hour!

Do the math — most party bike owners pay off their initial investment within the first year; many within the first six months alone. By the end of year one, they are already purchasing their second party bike to expand and take their business to the next level.

Within two to three years, many party bike owners are enjoying a comfortable six-figure income


The party bike industry has been exploding across America over the last few years.


Only a few dozen exist in the U.S. today, creating enormous room for growth.


Low start-up cost and high rates of return create a very lucrative business opportunity.


Magna civibus an mel, ut lobortis pro, et nibh vero graeci usu soleat atqui efficiendi.

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